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Airbloc will issue ‘ABL tokens’ as means to buy and sell data and ad exposures.

Based on users’ preference configured, Airbloc ecosystem will allow a transparent trading of both data and ad exposures. So, when Apps use DAuth, it creates legitimacy and transparency in data transactions. Individual users who are the original data source are not given fair rewards and they do not own the data. Airbloc’s proprietary SDK has already been stress tested by over 40,000,000 mobile devices in Korea, equivalent to 23 of the total mobile population device. On AIRBLOC, data which is collected transparently and legitimately from Users and Apps (with the AIRBLOC SDK integrated) will be sold to Data Consumers via the AIRBLOC Data Marketplace. During this process, through the use of blockchain technology, AIRBLOC also protects individuals’ data privacy, rewards Data Providers and provides full data transparency and traceability.

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  • ICO Period: June 19, 2018 - June 29, 2018

With such limited data sets, it is tough for them to execute highly effective micro-targeted advertisement campaigns towards relevant individuals for higher returns on investment.

In Airbloc, ads can become a useful piece of information, not a noise. Users will also be able to view which data was collected and control the extent to which they would like to sell their data on the AIRBLOC Marketplace. I anticipate Airbloc being one of many projects that partners with Icon for multiple reasons. AIRBLOC’s DAuth is a procedure that acquires approval from Users to sell their personal data. The AIRBLOC team believes this system will provide trustworthy data while at the same time properly compensating users. Because of the problems with traditional data-brokerage services, the AIRBLOC team believes it can compete effectively against these companies.

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His list includes QuarkChain, OneLedger, Arweave, Fantom, Metronome, Liquidity Network, Essentia, Moonlight, and Airbloc.

To collect data with reliability, Airbloc continuously validates the credibility of each user, the data providers. From the article: Airbloc will use ICON to develop Aero Network, which is the data validation network in Airbloc — optimized for data processing. Accordingly, these Data Consumers experience cost-savings as they would have less reliance on the expensive DMP software for data. The AIRBLOC team believes the solution is to create a decentralized platform where app users can earn money by providing data. Because in order to participate in the data trading market, sufficient amount of customer data is needed. In the AIRBLOC Data Marketplace, even small-scale advertisers in search of small amounts of quality data are able to purchase data too.

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AIRBLOC’s main competitors are centralized data-brokerage companies like Rapleaf, Recorded Future, Intelius, PeekYou, Acxiom, Corelogic, and Datalogix.

Dev Team Lead & Co-founder Hunjae Jung Airbloc Protocol is a Reverse ICO supported by a strong parent company ab180 that specialises in big data analytics and digital advertising. AIRBLOC is a decentralized personal data exchanges platform. Strong Partnerships - Even before the ICO ended, leading enterprises in Korea such as GS SHOP has already expressed interest in buying data off Airbloc’s Data Marketplace. With AIRBLOC, Users are granted the following benefits: 1) Tracking; 2) Control; and 3) Monetization. The AIRBLOC tokens (ABL) will cost US$0.0609 each, to be paid in ETH equivalent.

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The AIRBLOC team consist of experts in data analytics, web development, blockchain, and publishing.

A personal data protocol allowing individuals to monetize their data through advertiser purchases. Meanwhile, from the Data Consumer’s side, small and medium-sized enterprises are often barred from purchasing data even in small amounts. In other words, Users will have to approve the corresponding service or App, if they are to sell Users’ data on their behalf on the AIRBLOC Marketplace. Alternatively, advertisers can purchase the un-refined data directly from apps. The AIRBLOC ICO is launching at 12 pm (GMT) on 19 June, 2018 and will end at 12 pm (GMT) on 29 June, 2018. Airbloc Protocol is to be the chosen decentralized advertising data marketplace of the ICON Foundation and its associated blockchain accelerator Deblock.

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The increased flexibility of data utilization allows advertisers to do all sorts of testing to maximize effectiveness for targeted ads.

and advertisers would be able to buy these data to conduct All of these partnerships will lead to the use of the Icon network. To prevent this problem, AIRBLOC will require apps to execute KYC on users and to hash users’ emails and phone numbers before providing data to the AIRBLOC network. AIRBLOC’s data supply chain built on top of blockchain technology allows Users to track and view a transparent record of all data ownership and transaction flows. Advertisers can pay by ABL to purchase data, or pay to run Data Campaigns. Even large enterprises can only access data related to market trends. Also, to the individual users who are exposed to ad campaigns, rewards will be given. Therefore, advertisers have the legal freedom to use this data.